Midwest Land Buyers: Who We Are

Midwest Land Buyers is founded by Bryan Frost who is a licensed and experienced professional Realtor, along with a Real Estate Investor.

Many of the properties we buy are in rural, or undeveloped areas, making them hard to sell traditional methods. However, we are interested in all types of land; rural, suburban and even commercial… we will make an offer on almost any property, helping you to get the cash you need for other investments, purchases or any other situation.

Midwest Land Buyers is based in Kansas City, and we are currently buying properties throughout Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. We have professional land buyers located in each state and will be able to help you over the phone immediately and will often be able to get you an offer on your property within a day or two.

How We Work With Land Owners

After a quick and simple phone, email or text consolation we will be able to give you a ball park estimate of what we would be able to offer for your property. If this estimate is of interest to you, then we will schedule a time to visit the property and perform our due diligence and get a firm cash offer to you as soon as possible.

Once we are in agreement on price and terms we can usually close the sale within a couple weeks. If your situation requires us to move quicker, we often are able too close within seven days.


We look forward to working with you and are here for any questions at all!

Call Us Anytime! 913-213-1474